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May 2017

OHSAS18001 (ISO 45001) qualification for 2018

By | Press Release

Manama: The Board of Directors of Nass Corporation B.S.C. recently reconstituted Nomination, Corporate Governance and Safety Committee with Dr. Mustafa Al Sayed as its Chairman.

To promote safety within Nass Corporation, a strategic meeting was held recently at Alba Nuwaidrat Occupational Health, Safety and Environment training Centre, chaired by Dr. Mustafa Alsayed. The event was attended by Nass Corporation Chairman Mr. Sameer Abdulla Nass, Director Mr. Ghazi Abdulla Nass, Bahrain Health and Safety Society Director Mr. Yassar Abdulrahim Alabbasi, and all Nass Corporation General Managers between whom a ‘Corporation Safety Group’ will be formed having Mr. David Anthony, General Manager of Nass Contracting as the ‘Champion of Implementation’.

Mr. Sameer Nass inaugurated the event with a speech, highlighting the importance and benefits of safety culture within the corporation: “Developing a culture of safety in our workplace not only holistically supports our employees, but it also directly impacts the company’s bottom line. Hence, most importantly, management must establish the authority of the Safety Group and then support it. When divisional management sees the impact that the lead group created, they will acquire it and then pass that vibration along to all levels of the company.”

Dr. Mustafa Alsayed also emphasized on the importance of safety by saying: “Poor safety standards cannot be blamed on individuals; it is management responsibility to achieve a unified standard for safety. If we can oversee this aspect from a board level; then we can create a preeminent culture in the minds of all NASS workers and associates”.

He also added: “By having a well-trained, organised and energised safety group; safety in the workplace can be kept in the forefront of the minds of workers and management. Safety be considered as much a core value as construction activity and product quality”. He concluded.

The group will study the natural evolution of the existing safety system and hope to shape it with a behavioral system on a corporate-wide level and to achieve a swift result, the group decided to meet twice a year to review the implementation plan set to the safety teams.

Once the fully functional safety group starts to secure its role as a safety watchdog and train its representatives in hazard identification and awareness approaches, the group’s safety representatives will then look into individual division’s safety standards and current performance.

The objective set by Dr. Mustafa was to ensure consistency across all divisions of Nass Corporation, and that each division acquires OHSAS18000/18001 (ISO45001) by 1st of April 2018 to further enhance the current practice by those who already have it, and also to establish a behavior based safety culture throughout the organization.