400KV Transmission Development (2009-2013) - 400KV Cable Works Package B Feeder 1 Lot 1 & Feeder 1 Lot 2

                      Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
                      EWA / Prysmain Cables, Italy
                      Consulting Engineer
                      Mott Macdonald Ltd
                      Contract Value
                      BD 6,441,255.000

                      Brief Description

                      Civil Works as S/C Package to Prysmian Group for the 400kV circuit from the new Riffa S/S to the new Um Al Hassam S/S and from Um Al Hassam to Hidd (Feeder 1). Riffa to Um al Hassam is referred to as Stage 1 & the other Stage 2.
                      Scope of Works:
                        The scope of works include surveys, soil investigation, route clearance, temporary works, site offices and lay down areas, excavations, conventional road crossings ducts, non-disruptive road and sea crossings, concrete works, cable installation in precast concrete Troughs generally, backfilling (Thermal & normal) and reinstatement, all associated with the installation of the 400kV single circuit.