Alba Pot Line 6 Expansion Power Station 5 Project - Civil Works

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                      Consulting Engineer
                      Contract Value
                      BD 10,098,346.03

                      Brief Description

                      Alba is proceeding with the Line 6 Expansion Project which would make the company the largest single site smelter upon project completion. The Line 6 Expansion Project, expected to begin production in early 2019, will boost the per-annum aluminium production by 514,000 metric tonnes upon full ramp-up. This would bring Alba's total production capacity to approximately 1,450,000 metric tonnes per year. Due to increased power demands, the Line 6 Expansion Project will require the construction of a fifth power station (PS5) and Power Distribution System (PDS). The power station PS5 is intended to supply the new Line 6 expansion smelter loads at 220 kV and auxiliary loads at 11.5 kV.

                      • PS5 is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plant utilisinglatest and proven ‘F’ or ‘H’ class gas turbine technology in 1 x 1 x 1 multishaft configuration
                      • The CCGT plant will have a minimum net electrical output capacity of 1,350MW at ISO conditions. A minimum of three completely separate and independent generating blocks in a multishaft 1 x 1 x 1 configuration shall be provided.
                      • The design is three (3) multishaft generating blocks, each consisting of one (1) F class Combustion Turbine Generator (CTG), one (1) Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and one (1)s team Turbine Generator (STG). 
                      This contract is to be the civil engineering partner for GAMA on the Power Station project.
                      The contract is remeasurable and covers the following areas of scope.
                        Site Mobilisation works for GAMA’s Compound including
                        • Earthwork (Trench excavation and backfilling for underground services)
                        • Manhole and Pits (Currently insitu, GAMA may request precast)
                        • Formwork, Reinforcement, and Concrete to building foundations
                        • Wastewater System – Supply and Installation Septic Tank (Installation only)
                        • Domestic Water System – Supply and Installation Fire Fighting System – Supply and Installation 
                        Main Civil Works
                        • Earthworks – Excavation and backfilling to equipment foundations
                        • Formwork, Reinforcement, Concrete and Waterproofing to equipment foundations
                        • Installation only of Structural Anchor Bolts and Embedded items
                        • Ancillaries to Concrete Structures such as Water stopping, Joints, Vapour Barrier etc.
                        • Underground Pipework – HDPE –Installation only
                        • Underground Pipework – Carbon Steel – Installation only Manholes and Pits (currently insitu, GAMA may request precast) including covers and ancillaries
                        • Construction of Precast Cable Galleries (Excavation, Blinding, Precast Box Culvert Installation Joints)
                        • Construction of Insitu RC underground electrical rooms Miscellaneous excavation.
                        • Steel Decking (Trapezoidal) – Currently rate only, client to decide inclusion
                        • Ducting for Cabling
                        • Grounding/Earthing
                        • Fencing and Gates