Marassi Al Bahrain - Basement Slab

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                      Eagle Hills Diyar W.L.L
                      Consulting Engineer
                      Hill International
                      Contract Value
                      BD 11,797,093.00

                      Brief Description

                      Construction, completion and handing over of the Basement Slab / Substructure works for the Mall, Car Park, Vida Hotel & Vida Services Apartments

                      The works comprising all works relevant to site clearing and grubbing, site grading, earthworks comprising both excavation and filling, dewatering works as and where needed to ensure that construction works will be continuously performed in dry conditions, and temporary shoring support system to retain the edge of the excavations and/or to ensure confinement for dewatering activities deemed necessary, backfilling behind retaining and/or basement walls, breaking the pile heads to the design cut-off levels, preparing the pile heads, coordinating with the Piling contractor who will carry out the integrity testing, and obtaining from piling contractor a full copy of the As-built and load and integrity testing records and design records of the piles, applying anti-termite treatment, sub-surface preparation, blinding, waterproofing, casting of pile caps, raft slab connecting the pile caps and basement walls till soffit of ground floor slab along with the trenches sump pits & transitions which are a part of Raft.