SH. Jaber Al Ahmed Al Subah Highway, Upgrade Alba Nuwaidrat Interchanges (Main Works) - GCC Development

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                      Ministry of Works, Roads Project & Maintenance Directorate
                      Consulting Engineer
                      Parson Global Services Ltd.
                      Contract Value
                      BD 46,851,274.000

                      Brief Description

                      1 Replacing the existing Alba Roundabout with a new three-level interchange

                      2 Replacing the existing Nuwaidrat Roundabout with a new two-level interchange

                      3 The upgrade of all Highways and Road levelling leading to the above mentioned roundabouts, namely

                      • Sh. Jaber Al Ahmed Al Subah Highway (SJAS Hwy)
                      • King Hamad Highway (KH Hwy)
                      • Estegal Highway Moaskar Highway Avenue 15 Refinery Avenue
                        4 Utility related works include
                        • Relocation of several 220 kV, 66kV, 11kV, HV and LV cables
                        • Relocation of water distribution and water transmission pipelines
                        • Relocation of telecommunication network
                        • Relocation of twin 16” BAPCO gas pipelines
                        • Extension of BAPCO Culvert and Ducts across King Hamad Highway