Our Mission

To achieve world-class standards for our products, processes and services through internationally recognized quality, occupational health, safety and environmental practices. Nass Contracting is committed to build long-term relationships with our Clients and Partners based upon integrity, performance and value.

Our Vision

To be the preferred “Contractor of Choice” for every client first time, and every time



Open and honest communication is the best foundation for any Business. Nass Corporation embraces diversity in thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds. The Corporation keeps its promises, takes responsibility, and instills confidence in its employees, customers and stakeholders.


Nass Corporation believes integrity is the foundation of its individual and corporate actions that drives an organisation. The Corporation honours its commitments as fair, consistent and transparent.
Nass Corporation conduct all of its activities and business ethically. The Corporation expects all of its Board members, employees and customers to hold high ethical standards in all of their activities, both when at work and in their personal life.


Nass Corporation drive for excellence is reflected through its workforce, which is carefully selected based on skills and expertise, coupled with years of experience in the field.
The Corporation’s continuous efforts aimed at employee empowerment and growth are a true testimony to its drive for excellence and a proof that its commitment to excellence is not optional, but a must.
The Corporation have a strong commitment to quality and innovation, measured by optimal outcomes for the customers it serves.


Nass Corporation conducts its activities with complete and open transparency. The Corporation tries to be accountable and open in all its business practices.

Customer Orientation

Nass Corporation places customer satisfaction at the core of each of its business decisions. The Corporation focuses on helping customers to meet their long-term needs and wants. Its management and employees align their individual and team objectives around satisfying and retaining customers with constant training and empowerment.