With an increasing focus on providing industrial and urban infrastructure that is delivered to a higher quality, faster and at less cost, Nass Contracting provides innovative processes and procedures to streamline and enhance construction projects through excellent quality management system.
The Company has delivered landmark projects for over six decades in the infrastructure sector, providing superior levels of control through ownership of skilled direct workforce.
This ensures projects stay on the critical path to completion avoiding costly delays and over-runs.
Nass Contracting manages industrial projects with a proven track record of delivering in challenging environments, including weather.
Industrial civil engineering and development requires a unique approach, to manage the sensitive risks involved with working within a large operational facility.

Industrial Services Include:

  • Process Equipment Infrastructure,
  • Process Equipment Structures,
  • Bulk Fuel Storage Facilities and Infrastructure,
  • Industrial Infrastructure,
  • Waste Disposal,
  • Materials Handling Structures,
  • Workshops and Warehouses,
  • Electrical and Control Buildings,
  • Administration Buildings,
  • Civil and Building works to Power plants, petrochemical installations, Refineries, aluminum smelters and manufacturing units.